Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dirty Disney

Heidi ho everybody,

So, last week I talked about one of the positive things I have learned about Disney movies (that Tinkerbelle was modeled after an actress). However, this week I would like to inform you about the dirtiness that is Disney! So if you have innocent ears, take caution.

The first movie I would like to draw to your attention is The Little Mermaid. If you look on the front of the movie case very closely you will see that one of the pillars of the church is in the shape of a penis! Not very appropriated Disney! But there's more. In the scene when Eric is about to marry Ursela on the boat it goes to a side view of the priest. If you look closely you will see that the priest has a boner. Tsk, Tsk Disney.

The second movie to draw to your attention is The Lion King. In the scene where Timone, Pumba, and Simba are looking up at the stars and Simba tells the story that his father shared with him about what the stars are they go to a shot of the sky. Written in the stars is the word sex! Not to tactful Disney!

The third and final movie I wish to bring to your attention is Aladdin. In Aladdin's "balcony scene" Aladdin is trying to prove that his feelings for Jasmine are real and that he likes her for being herself and not for being a princess. Well, it appears he doesn't really like her for either of those reasons. After rajaa comes out and growls at him, turn your TV up and you will here Aladdin say, "Take your clothes off". It appears that the feelings he is trying to express to Jasmine are what health teachers like to call "hormonal feelings".

Some of you may have already heard about these "Slip-ups". For those of you who have I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue. Do you think it's funny, sad, interesting, intriguing, or all of the above? If you've heard of any other movies with mishaps such as these let me know! I'd love to see things that we tend to miss seeing in movies.

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  1. You just killed my LOVE for Disney movies!! haha I loved them growing up and I still like them. I agree that it's not very appropriate and Disney, being a kids company, should really work on their presentation.
    What would happen if a kid accidentily caught on to some of those? Parents would not be too happy and there would probably be a few law suits thrown at the company. Hopefully they don't catch on until they are older but who knows...some lil' whippersnappers are pretty darn smart and sneaky.

  2. I've heard about these things, but have never actually seen them. I don't doubt that at least some of them are there, though. If it was only one Disney movie that everyone was claiming had a questionable scene, I'd be skeptical, but it is actually almost all of them from the 90's "golden age".
    And Courtney, think about looking into a new 2D animated Disney musical called "The Princess and the Frog". It's coming out this Christmas, but maybe you could look into why Disney decided to go back to 2D animation. I'm really curious.

  3. Well, I can't say I havent' heard these before. In fact, I was quite surprised the first time I got the email forward. I first thought the email was a joke, then realized that it's actually written in articles, journals, and blogs.

    I had to see some evidence to make my judgment, but now I realize that it is in fact true and quite disturbing.

    I wonder if they're just simple mistakes, but I'm assuming not. It also makes me wonder why Disney would do this. To make the movies more intersting to the parents while they have to watch them time and time again...

  4. That's disturbing that this is in kids movies. If Disney does this in a few of their movies, how many other movies might have something like that. I grew up with Disney movies and my younger brothers and sister still watch some of them. It angers me that movies like these that kids consider classics can still have dirty secrets like these. What did Disney hope to achieve with this?

  5. Its nice to know that disney has such good stuffs. I thought disney movies are just for kids. So here comes the new generation Disney movies rated "A". Okah , I know I am being sarcastic. This huge change of picturisation that occured in Disney Movies, is basically because, the CEO of WALT Disney thought of making these shows more popular, not only among kids but also among the young adults.

  6. I remember watching Disney movies as a child, I absolutely loved them!! I own them all on VHS! Crazy saying that still, but I do know exactly what you’re talking about. Disney is suppose to be for children and making simple shapes and characters drawing themselves in a sexual matter is outrageous. I can remember the first time that my friend had pointed that out I could not believe my eyes. Although I still love Disney movies they should be ashamed of themselves promoting sexual behavior. I’m glad you made a post about that, very interesting post!

  7. I always watched Disney movies as a child, and I never ever heard about any of these things until recent years. When I heard about these things I had to look at my movies to see if it was true. Sure enough it was and I was completely appalled that Disney would allow something like that into the movie. It was clearly not scrutinized enough before they put it on the market for sale, and for sale to families at that! I have actually heard that the reason some things were in there because some sound directors did not get the credit they wanted, so they put these little slip ups in there. Whether or not this is true, I don't know for sure. Either way, it's uncalled for.

  8. I have heard people talk about such scenes in the Disney movies, but I have yet to see these things. I always forget to look for them. It just shocks me that Disney would let this happen in their movies. It doesn't make sense, some people just need to learn how to grow up a bit.

  9. Don't be so Prudish... Disney originally created the company to allow ADULTS to celebrate their childhood's. NOT TO PANDER to children!

  10. actually your wrong about the little mermaid and lion king... one of the pillars on tritons castle was shaped like a penis on the origina ovie cover... not the church... sex was not written in the stars but in the dust and pollen as simba lays down... and you didnt mention the topless women in the rescuers... alladin was right but it wasnt aladin who says it but genie and it is said again as jafar falls off his horse in the begining... its all true i have the original vhs of all disney movies